René Jacobs – who made his debut in the Tyrol as a singer at one of our concerts with Jordi Savall in Hall in 1974 – has close ties with the Tyrol. In 2018, together with the Belgian B’Rock Orchestra, he will launch an exploration of the world of sound of Schubert’s symphonies – a composer to whom Jacobs was strongly attracted at an early age: I love Schubert very much; he introduced me to music. When I was still a boy I sang a lot of Schubert.

Schubert wrote a total of nine symphonies. He made his first attempt, in D major, when he was only 14; it remained a fragment. But at the age of 16 Schubert wrote the first of his symphonies, in which he was influenced by Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven. Johannes Brahms, who edited Schubert’s symphonies for a new edition, said that the youth symphonies should not be published but preserved in a spirit of piety and perhaps made available to some in the form of copies. Schubert’s Symphony no. 6, which he wrote at the age of 21 but was not performed until after his death, met with a positive response: a beautiful and diligently worked piece whose most appealing movements are the scherzo and finale. Schubert called his work Great Symphony in C but today it is known as the Little C major. It stands at the turning; it offers a premonition of the 8th and the Unfinished, but is still very much in the tradition of his youth works. An evening of contrasts and excitement!

B’Rock Orchestra
Conductor: René Jacobs