Unfolding the senses is the background of my music. (Sciarrino)

Salvatore Sciarrino, an autodidact, has made a wonderful contribution to the renewal of contemporary music. He himself puts it like this: I had to start right at the beginning and invent an approach to the instruments with the help of an untouched hand and a virgin ear on the basis of an experiment between primitivism, order and futurism. To mark his 70th birthday, the Ensemble Phace is performing compositions from the 1980s to the present. Typical features of Salvatore Sciarrino include his ability to relate to earlier epochs and cultures, and delicate musical textures and gestures. The second part of the programme is devoted to Morton Feldman’s Why Patterns?, a work that was influenced by the carpets of the nomads of Anatolia.

Ensemble Phace
Ivana Pristašová – Violin
Roland Schueler – Violoncello
Sylvie Lacroix – Flute
Walter Seebacher – Clarinet
Berndt Thurner – Percussion
Mathilde Hoursiangou – Piano