Wim Vandekeybus is fascinated by the primal power of nature and ancient myths. In TrapTown the Belgian choreographer enters a boundless and arcane cosmos of old souls and develops a new mythology with the help of dance, film, text and music. Here, too, primeval conflicts predominate; attempts at emancipation are made, but it seems impossible. Vandekeybus takes us into a parallel universe – without time and space. The various art forms (architecture, music, dance, literature and film) intermingle and generate a new perception. The Gesamtkunstwerk involves contributions by Pieter De Buysser (text), Trixie Whitley and Phoenician Drive (music) and the architect duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. Together they carry the audience off to a new home of oracles and euphoria.

Ultima Vez: Maria Kolegova, Tanja Marín Friðjónsdóttir, Kristina Alleyne, Sadé Alleyne, Kit King, Flavio D’Andrea, Alexandros Anastasiadis, Mufutau Yusuf
Choreography, direction, film: Wim Vandekeybus