I put a spell on you is the first work by the Iranian choreographer (*1980). It addresses external inhibitions that juxtapose the notion of one’s own self with a totalitarian authority. Three individuals are locked in a space in which the presence of a highest observer is inescapable. Their fragile bodies have lost all notion of privacy and are in a constant state of self-discipline. Although they have no contact with one another and do not say what they want, they try to break out together. Ehsan Hemat started his career as an actor in Shiraz (Iran). He was then attracted to Europe, where he performed as a dancer in William Forsythe’s Human Writes in 2007. He has since worked in Belgium and also in his home country.

With: Gilles Polet, Mostafa Shabkhan, Kayoko Minami
Choreography: Ehsan Hemat

Premiere in the German-speaking area.