The Freiburg ensemble recherche – regular contributors since the beginnings of the Tyrol Easter Festival – present music inspired by different cultures of the world. The focus is on works by the Korean composer Younghi Pagh-Paan, in which she repeatedly references her country: HANG-SANG IV, the constant recurrence, the white of the brush stroke, the flying void; Imaginary Dance of a Poet – about the Korean poetess Chohui, who transcends the boundaries of reality with the help of the Shinson (divine beings with magical powers), and Dreisam-Nore, a song (Korean: nore) about the River Dreisam. Claude Vivier’s Cinq chansons pour percussion are echoes of a journey to Indonesia with the metal voices of Javanese gongs, Balinese and alpine glockenspiels, Japanese singing bowls and Thai gongs. A feast for the senses.

ensemble recherche

A production of the Osterfestival Tirol.