One of the most radical theatre groups in Europe today is the Italian theatre collective Motus, whose touching play MDLSX was performed at the Tyrol Easter Festival in 2018. Their new work, Panorama, explores the human need to keep moving and the question of who and what we are. The ten members of the multi-ethnic performance group Great Jones Repertory Company (NY) have all experienced migration as a result of their artistic choices. Biographical events mix with new existential landscapes, in which nomadism becomes a fundamental aspect of life. The play also challenges entrenched views and the temptation to define people, nationalities, etc. and to categorise ethnic groups, sexual orientations, etc.

With: Maura Nguyen Donohue, John Gutierrez, Valois Marie Mickens, Eugene the Poogene, Perry Yung/Richard Ebihara, Zishan Ugurlu
Direction: Enrico Casagrande, Daniela Nicolò


Premiere in the German-speaking area.