In order to tell the gospel, I had to immerse myself in the soul of a believer. That is free indirect speech (le discours indirect libre): The action is seen through my own eyes on the one hand and through the eyes of a believer on the other.

For his famous film Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo, which was produced in 1964, Pasolini follows the Gospel of Matthew. He presents his individual picture of this narrative of salvation, in which – as in many of his films – the focus is on the social aspect of Christ’s message. Jesus is a provocateur and his sermons are radical; he stands for a life on earth in which people are guided by justice and brotherhood. The cast of the film is a mixture of professional actors and amateurs, including friends and acquaintances as well as Pasolini’s mother in the role of Mary.

Direction: Pier Paolo Pasolini
With: Enrique Irazoqui (Christ), Margherita Caruso (young Mary), Susanna Pasolini (old Mary), Marcello Morante (Joseph), Mario Socrate (John the Baptist)